The Right Wedding Veil for You

May 10, 2018Uncategorized Standard

Many brides still wear veils on their wedding day, and there are different styles of veil to go with every type of gown or dress. They can be bought in wedding boutiques or the bride can buy wedding veils online. The rule of thumb is the longer the dress, the longer the veil, though some brides buck the rules.

Chapel Veil
This is a 90 inch long veil that can take the place of train.

Cathedral Veil
The cathedral veil is 108 to 120 inches long and is made to trail down the long aisle of a cathedral. Think of Princess Diana’s wedding.

Ballet Veil
Also called the waltz veil, this veil can be 60 inches long. Because it doesn’t fall all the way to the floor, it can be worn during all the dances.

Short Veils
These veils can be blusher or birdcage type veils. A bird cage wedding veil is between 4 and 9 inches long and can fall from the eyes to the jaw. A blusher is 30 ounces long and is also called a wedge veil. It covers the face and reaches to the neckline of the gown. Another type of short veil is the shoulder length veil, which is between 20 and 22 inches long and just touches the shoulders. These veils go well with shorter dresses and suits.

Double-tier Veil
This veil has one layer to cover the bride’s face and a longer layer that can be any length. The shorter layer makes it easy for the bride’s face to be uncovered when the time comes.

Elbow Veil
This veil falls to the elbows and is about 32 inches long. It is traditional without taking attention from the wedding dress itself.

Besides the length of the dress, other things to think of when choosing a bridal veil are the color of the dress and how elaborate the dress is. Most experts recommend a plain veil with a richly ornamented gown and vice versa. The bride’s hairstyle is also a factor. It’s easier to fasten any sort of veil to a bun.

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