The Investment Piece That Will Last Forever – The Shearling Gilet

June 27, 2018Uncategorized Standard

Let’s be real, it is high time for you to take some fashion risks. And, guess what is making quite the comeback? The Shearling gilet. During the cooler months of the year, nothing will keep you as fashionable and warm as a sheepskin gilet.

With real sheepskin, you get a breathable, comfortable, and functional clothing item that is also durable enough to stand cool breezes and winds. Shearling is the tanned skin of a sheared sheep. It’s a way to wear a luxurious item, without breaking the bank. It offers a soft, yet rugged, aesthetic that works in any environment–whether it be casual or a bit fancier.

And, the Gilet is making a return. You can dress it up for the office without having to wear a suit. On the other hand, you can wear your Toscana gilet to a local eatery without missing a beat. Since it is made of sheepskin, you can expect this wardrobe essential to last for years to come.

It is a classic piece that will never go out of style. Plus, the fact that it is reversible gives you two options with only one piece. It is extremely versatile, which is why the gilet never goes out of style and why more people are investing in a shearling piece.

When you realize the pieces are priced at under £300 each, you then truly notice you’ve scored quite the bang for your buck. You could pay upwards of £9,000 for a designer shearling jacket–so, this really is a steal. If you prefer an outdoorsy look, go for camel or a chocolate brown color.

These natural tones will fit in with any color scheme, whether you pair them with black, blue, or white jeans or leggings. But, don’t stick to earth tones–try to jazz things up with a blue or a grey gilet.

You won’t feel bulky as the gilet style gives your arms and upper body room to breathe. Yet, the Toscana gilet is known for its measurable warmth. During the day, you can wear the suede side. Wear it with knee-high boots, designer heels, flats, or walking shoes.

As the night comes along, and the temperature drops along with it, turn the versatile piece over to use the shearling side. Regardless of how timeless this piece really is, you’ll always look quite cutting-edge and fashion-forward.

Since the wool is on the inside, shearling pieces are always warm and rugged. It’s a luxury garment that doesn’t scream opulence. So, you can wear it anywhere. Furthermore, with proper care, your clothing investment will last a lifetime.

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