Packing for Travel Made Simple

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The trick is to avoid packing hundreds of shirts, pants, and skirts that you may never touch while away from home. Carefully select pieces that can be used for several different situations. Many times we are not sure exactly what we will encounter while travelling. You want clothing that can easily go from a casual day out to a dressy evening event.

Versatile Clothing

Start with the basics. This means color and style. A basic pair of pants and a pencil skirt in black is a great place to begin. Pair either one with a sweatshirt, boyfriend shirt, or comfortable sweater for a laid back look. Later you can switch to a tank top or sleeveless silk blouse covered with a tailored jacket for a formal dinner or business meeting. Remove the jacket and you are ready to go clubbing. Look for versatile pieces such as those from Signature 8 Clothing found online at Sedona East.


You may be thinking that the above list of clothing sounds rather drab. This is where accessories come in. Jewelry and scarves are small and won’t take up much space in your bag, but these key elements can transform your look. Stick to studs with the casual styles, but switch them out for classic metal hoops and matching pendants for that business meeting or dinner. When it is time to go out for the night, you can use larger statement pieces in bright colors.

Shoes and Bags

Shoes are easy as one, two, three. Try for natural tones that match everything. The first pair you need is your athletic shoes for walking. The second pair is a basic pump. Last but not least, go for the trendy high heels for dressier events. Pick one hand bag that’s not too small or oversized. This makes it suitable for casual and dress. Inside the bag you will want a wallet that includes a removable strap. Clip that strap on, and now you have the perfect clutch to use separately.

No matter what you pack, try to keep it simple. Choose pieces that can serve more than one purpose, and use accessories to change out your style throughout the trip. You’ll find that packing is less of a chore, and you’ll have fewer bags to deal with while traveling.

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