Innovative Boot Socks

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The best hot weather boot socks are the following ones that are available for extreme weather environments. Comfortable, dry, and durable socks are the answer in any kind of weather and will give you happy feet!

Surprisingly, it is not true that you need thin socks in the summer months. Thick wool socks actually provide insulation from heat as well as cold. Evaporative cooling keeps the skin’s surface dry, cool, comfortable and blister-free.

The construction is a high-density knit with a crimped fiber design that prevents heat from penetrating the area of the foot while it also evaporates excessive moisture.

A custom two-part sock system was developed as a military sock to cope with all-day activity and extreme weather conditions. The high-density nap must face out on the boot sock and will provide cushioning on the heel, toes, and shin in the areas where the legs and feet get the most abrasion. The lightweight soft liner sock gives an over-the-calf comfortable fit which molds to the foot’s contour and provides additional support.

The fabrics work together to pull moisture quickly from the feet and allow efficient evaporation. That keeps the feet ultra-dry while minimizing foot odor and bacteria. Blisters are prevented because of the low friction between the outer boot sock and the inner sock. Friction is also decreased on the skin and prevents irritation on the top of the foot.

It is important that your socks fit properly and comfortably within the boots’ interior space. The bulkier knit construction of the socks may require a larger or wider size than you would normally wear. The density and thickness are determined by the total load to be carried, meaning your own weight plus any additional weight, added to the temperature range.

The TechSpun Environmental Sock System offers the perfect all weather boot socks. Whether you’re hiking, hunting, fishing, or are involved in other outdoor sports or adventures, the TechSpun socks are for you as you traverse scorching hot terrain.

Their Sock System utilizes 14-inch Coolmax liner socks that control the inner environment next to the surface of the skin together with the uniquely designed 12-inch Boot Socks that are a blend of premium grade U.S. wool, fiber polypropylene, and a small amount of nylon to give stretchiness. The fabrics are blended, pre-treated, and knitted into a unique boot sock.

The TechSpun boot socks come in an All Weather (AW) weight and an Extreme Weather (EW) weight, the latter being a heavier weight version capable of withstanding extreme temperatures.

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