Handmade Western Leather Belts

February 16, 2018Uncategorized Standard

Western belts have been a part of mainstream country culture for many decades. Tooled leather belts were exclusively worn as a functional piece for farmers and ranchers back in the day. While many farmers and ranchers still wear leather belts for function, the western belt style has found its way into mainstream culture and music and is now mostly worn from a fashion standpoint. In recent years, popular subcultures like urban underground, steampunk and rockabilly have adopted the western leather belt and incorporated it in unique ways into their respective fashion style cultures.

A well-made leather belt will often be hand crafted and feature tooled designs. Flowers, landscapes, various animals, religious symbols and flags are all common designs on leather belts and western belt buckles. Gavere Leather, http://gavereleather.net/westernthemebelts.aspx, is an example of a company specializing in hand-crafted and hand-painted leather belts that are built to stand the test of time.

In the urban subculture, you can expect to see western belts paired with graphic t-shirts, baggy jeans, chunky jewelry, bomber jackets and athletic shoes. Lovers of steampunk may pair a black western belt over a pair of studded and distressed jeans and with a black t-shirt and cotton jean jacket or trench coat. Rockabilly lovers will wear a western belt with fitted jeans, a buffalo-plaid Oxford shirt and an ascot. Women who embrace the rockabilly lifestyle will often wear a tooled leather belt over a fit-and-flare halter dress to accentuate the waist; they will top off the look with brogue shoes and a fun hairstyle.

Western leather belts are also a timeless choice for anyone with a minimalist or classic wardrobe. You can quickly elevate your look in an unexpected way when you pair a classic western belt with a tucked-in white button down shirt, a pair of dark skinny jeans and ballet flats. The western belt lends visual interest and a casual vibe to an otherwise-timeless outfit.

If you gravitate towards a particular style or design theme, invest in a quality leather western belt; you will reach for it time and time again for many years. No matter what style you gravitate towards, a tooled western belt will complement most of the outfits in your wardrobe and invite many compliments as you run around town.

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