Fashions for the Youngest of Your Wedding Party

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Many brides like to include children in their wedding party. These little tykes are not only adorable, but they can add fun and entertainment to any situation. Whether it’s your nieces and nephews or your best friend’s children, you’ll be able to find fashionable outfits for them that will coordinate wonderfully with the adults.

Flower Girl Fashions
The flower girls will probably be the easiest to dress for your big day. You can put them in dresses to match the bridesmaids in both color and style or you can choose to have them look like little brides in white dresses that mimic your own gown. An affordable option that will please the children the most is to let them choose a dress they like as long as it is in the colors of your wedding. Kids, especially young girls, often have a very distinct idea of what they think is pretty.

Dressing the Ring Bearers
Boys are more difficult to dress, especially for a formal occasion. Restrictive suits or small tuxedos are adorable, but often leaves you with a very angry young man. It may be easier to go a different direction by allowing them to wear cotton or corduroy dress pants with a simple button front shirt constructed out of soft fabrics. You can coordinate them with the older men by putting them in ties to match the grown-ups. Retailers like Necktie Emporium have a variety of men’s, boys, and infant bow tie and necktie options that you can choose from.

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Including Babies
Many brides like to include infants into their wedding party. They can be used as a ring bearer or flower girl if you desire to have them play an actual role in the wedding. Older children can pull them down the aisle in a wagon decorated to match your other wedding décor. Skip the formal attire made for babies, and consider a soft, comfortable sleeper in the wedding colors. This will be more likely to result in a happy baby than one in tears.

Once you find the perfect outfits for your ring bearers and flower girls, you’ll be able to sit back and relax. Enjoy the merriment these little people bring to any occasion, and be sure to take plenty of pictures.

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